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Faber-Castell's Creative Studio soft pastel crayons have extremely intense colours a soft colour deposit and are very easy to mix and blend using your fingers a paper wiper or a pastel brush. The brilliant vivid results achieved make them ideal for amateur artists school art lessons and creative handicraft enthusiasts. The soft pastel crayons are well suited to different types of paper (eg flock paper) but fantastic effects can also be achieved on other surfaces. Available in different-sized sets containing up to 36 colours and presented in a practical and sturdy slide-out box. Also ideal for travelling! Fixative is recommended once pictures are completed.

PASTELS - Faber-Castell Creative Studio Mini Soft Pastels are a versatile and portable option for artists who enjoy working with soft pastels, offering a wide colur range and ease of use.

VIBRANT - These soft pastels come in a vibrant and diverse range of colours, providing artists with numerous options for their artwork. Make your work stand out with Faber-Castell.

BLENDABLE - They have a smooth texture that allows for easy blending and layering, making them ideal for various artistic techniques. Known for their rich pigments, Faber-Castell soft pastels deliver intense and vivid color application.

VERSATILE - Soft Pastels are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including paper, cardstock, and textured papers. Simply choose your favoured surface and off you go!

FLEXIBILITY - Artists can use these pastels for various applications, such as sketching, blending, and creating detailed artwork. Choose your favourite method and watch your work come to life.

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