Home Sweet Home Box Frame

Home Sweet Home Box Frame

Creating your own art work for the home is very satisfying and a great way to show off your creative skills. Using Bare Basics Wooden Tile Letters is an easy and effective way to add personalisation and sentiment to your design. We created this make using a range of Bare Basics products.

Here is how to create your own personalised box frame:

1. We decided on a simple colour scheme but you can add any colour that fits with your home decor. To fit the box frame we cut a background square of 23 x 23cm. Then we added a kraft card square that matches the Bare Basics natural wood look. This frames the main picture, cut this card to 21 x 21cm.  

2. Secure these layers together with Stick It! Double Sided Tape. Cut a piece of white card to 20 x 20cm this will be the main background.

3. Lay out all your elements first before gluing down as you may need to reposition.

4. Print out a photo you want to feature within a square border of 8.5 x 8.5cm. We printed our picture out in black and white to fit with the simple colour scheme.

5. Cut a piece of black cord or twine to 30cm. Wrap around the white card 4.5cm from the top of your page, secure to the back with tape.

6. Using Bare Basics Mini Wooden Pegs, attach the photo to the cord. Make sure the photo is in the middle of the page. Raise the photo with 3D foam dots. Double up the pads to give extra height.

7. Lay out the Bare Basics Wooden Tile Letters spelling the sentiment ‘Home, Sweet Home’

8. Create space between each letter. When you are happy with the position of the tiles, glue down with PVA glue. You may need to jiggle the tiles to make them straight, so don’t use too much glue.

9. For extra embellishment and to fill out the page, we added some cute extras such as a wooden heart and key. To personalize the picture, we added a date in black fine liner to the heart. This could be to commemorate the date you moved in!

10. Palm punch some little hearts from kraft card and sprinkle these around the page securing with PVA glue.

11. Finally, now your main design is finished, secure to the background with Stick it! 3D Foam Dots.


Shopping List:

  • Anita’s Tacky Glue 340ml (PVA 22173)

  • Bare Basics Mini Wooden Pegs 50pk (PMA 174604)

  • Bare Basics Wooden Hearts 12pcs (PMA 174654)

  • Bare Basics Wooden Keys (PMA 174731)

  • Bare Basics Wooden Tile Letters 200pcs (PMA 174624)

  • Papermania 8x8” Recycled Kraft Cards/Envelopes (PMA 151400)

  • Stick It! Double Sided Tape 9mm Width (STI 462102)

  • Stick It! 3D Mini Foam Dots 360pcs (STI 4002)

  • Craft Planet Black Cord 5m (CPT 6701113)

  • Xcut Small Palm Punch - Traditional Heart (XCU 261603)

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